SuperSoft™ 12.75 Inch Baseball Glove

Model: MS1275BB

Product Description

Miken Super Soft™ 12.75" baseball glove features a Six finger web with adjustable pull back strap and requires minimal break-in time. The Six finger web is a great choice for outfielders since this web is part of the glove, not separate from it, allowing for maximum strength. This baseball glove has a pre-oiled full grain leather shell, palm and finger back linings as well as full grain leather lace to withstand the rigors of the game.  Additionally, the PORON XRD palm padding has been added to drastically reduce ball impact to your hand. 

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  • Baseball designed patterns for the serious baseball player 
  • Pre-oiled full grain shell leather requires minimal break-in time
  • Full grain palm lining same as shell leather allows you to form the pocket your way
  • Full grain leather lace withstands the rigor of the game
  • PORON® XRD™ padding system reduces ball impact on your hand 
  • Six finger web